Rumours about Germany – The Traffickers’ Lies

03.04.2018 - Video

Rumours about Germany – The Traffickers’ Lies

A safe and easy journey to Europe – sounds too good to be true? It is. Irregular migration is a dangerous decision – relying on people smugglers may result in serious harm. Get the facts on www.rumoursaboutgermany.info.


The internet is full of fraudsters promising to take you to Europe.


“Can you really get me to Europe?”

“If you have enough money, sure!”


Before the journey begins, they say it will be easy...


“My people will get you there safely.”

“And the visa?”

“I have good contacts.”


… but the reality is very different.“

Saliou Gueye – ”Africa helps Africa“ Initiative – Expert on Migration and Development

”Non seulement, il n’y a pas de travail, les visas sont de faux visas,  et la traversée est pour le moins dangereuse.“

(”The visas are counterfeit, and the crossing is extremely dangerous.“)

Saliou Gueye – ”Africa helps Africa“ Initiative

”Chers jeunes Africains, ne croyez surtout pas aux mensonges et aux fausses informations véhiculées par les passeurs. Ces passeurs-là, ils ne veulent que votre argent, et partant de là, votre malheur.“

(”Dear young Africans, don’t believe any of the lies and false information spread by the smugglers. These smugglers just want your money, and thus your misfortune.“


Find out the truth about the smugglers lies and inform yourselves about the alternatives.


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